Hydro Pneumatic System

WAPP  Hydro Pneumatic System is designed for boosting water supply to domestic, industrial, municipal, commercial, firefighting and agricultural sectors.

With our unique & automated range of Water and Waste Water treatment  products, we are a leading supplier of electrical , electronic logic & turnkey projects within this field.
The company’s longstanding experience and constant product development activities have resulted in tuning this product with the logic what actually required by you.
About Hydro Pneumatic System
Our packaged Hydro Pneumatic System consist of two or more centrifugal pumps and a pressure tank inter connected with manifolds and valves. Each pump has a discharge isolating valves. Tanks and pumps are  mounted on a base-plate together with the control panel. A pressure transmitter is installed at the discharge manifold for pressure control and monitoring.
The system is easy to install. It is mounted on a common frame with all accessories and internal piping. Only  the connections required to be made on site i.e.  – electrical supply, suction and discharge pipe connections and suction tank electrode level wiring.  “Can be Customized in Almost No Time“.
We provide a fully customized product.  What you have to do is only to fill up our inquiry sheet and send us back. Based on the same and with expertise of our engineering we will cater you with the best customized solution.

Hydro Pneumatic System

Hydro Pneumatic System

Applications of Hydro Pneumatic System
  • Pressure Boosting of clear water in High rise Apartments, High rise Commercial Buildings.
  • Pressurized Water Supply in Hotels, Hospitals and Hostels.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation of Golf Courses, Sports Fields and Large Farms
  • Online Water pumping systems.
  • Multiple overhead water tanks & water systems
  • Water transfer and pumping in a long distance water pipe line
  • Agriculture & irrigation, Fire-fighting systems,Swimming pools, Water parks


Features & Benefits of Hydro Pneumatic System
  • Quality : Totally customized and quality tested.
  • Wide range: Extensive range for various applications.
  • High reliability: Being a specialized in water field  since 1996, we are always there to assist you.
  • Turnkey system: Pre-set and ready to use, simply connect to water and power supply.)
  • Easy installation: Mounted on a common frame, including all necessary accessories and internal piping.
  • High efficiency: Cost effective operation.


 Why Only WAPP  for Particular Product ?

WAPP Hydro Pneumatic System (HPN Systems)  are efficiently designed for maximum output.Some of the attractive features are as follows:

  • Cyclical inversion of the start-up order of the pumps
  • Pump stop timer
  • Protection against dry operation
  • Sequential start-up control
  • Compact System
  • Zero Flow Sensing
  • Assured Dry Running Protection
  • Pre-Start Feature
  • Minimum Maintenance Required
  • Factory Fitted, Assembled & Tested System
  • 2 to 4 nos. of electrical driven pumps on Vertical or Horizontal axis
  • MS Galvanized pipe work & Epoxy Coated Skids