Technical Services

Technical Services-Regular
We enter into contracts for  Water and Waste Water Treatment plants. Besides our own, we also undertake assignments for projects executed by third-party contractors. Our offerings include Staffing, Routine Maintenance,Preventive maintenance Breakdown maintenance, Technical support etc. Depending upon the need ,budget & coverage ,customer may select suitable service scheme.
Services are provided through our network of regional offices at Mumbai (Western Region), Kolkata (Eastern Region) and Bangalore (Southern Region) as well as through our HO in NCR (Northern Region).
 Best suited for:
  • Customers who need optimization of the water management –  (Optimization of Manpower/maintenance cost /Consumables  cost /Testing cost)  & inventory management of spares/chemicals.
  • Customers who want to Offload water management to single associate with clear performance based SLAs for hassle free operations.
  • Staffing for 24×7 operation
  • Complete Maintenance of water/waste water plants-(scheduled+ breakdown)
  • Providing all the chemicals/consumables for RO/STP/Cooling towers
  • Technical support/ Trouble shooting.
  • Testing -in-house /Lab ( as per decided schedule/PCB norms)


Note-Customers may avail full or part of this scheme like-Operation only/Operation + chemicals/ Operation+ Comprehensive Maintenance.

(Available Schemes-BRONZE / SILVER / GOLD / PLATINUM)


Service scheme selection chart:-

Wapp Water Services