Remote Monitoring / Analytics

Web Monitoring means that any plant’s data can be made accessible securely through the internet, which happens to be the biggest global network. In simple words it means that the Plant details can be viewed over a secure link 24×7, round the globe.  No matter where you are, all you need is a PC/Laptop/Phone/Tablet to monitor your facilities. From highest to lowest level details of plant equipment  can be made available. All acquired data is securely stored in our remote servers. For plants based on evolving technology, web monitoring is particularly helpful as one can do performance analysis of plant on regular basis.
Our Wapp Monitor, a high performance server is capable of delivering real-time data to pages and applications based on a number of different technologies. All kinds of report generation, different kinds of details like equipment run times, energy consumption, total output, parameter variation trends etc. would be done by Wapp Monitor. Special Dashboards for capturing higher level details for the top management are also available.
Alert generation mechanisms are provided which inform right person through SMS and e-mail.
Wapp Monitor is the best and smartest solution to create integration between “Operational Technology” (OT) and Information Technology (IT).
Web Monitoring is simple but yet a controlled process with good degree of automation to perform the following monitoring functions:
  1. DATA COLLECTION: Gathers all the digital and analog inputs continuously from the field through physical media (cable).
  2. DATA LOGGING: All the digital and analog inputs would be logged into a Wappsys logger.
  3. DATA SENDING: Data once collected is uploaded to the central server using GPRS or Ethernet link.
  4. MONITORING: User can access the data of the whole plant with real-time using his unique login id and password on
  5. REPORT GENERATION: Wapp Monitor also generates reports capturing details of the whole plant like ON/OFF status, Auto/Manual status, running hour’s details of pumps and motors, tank levels, flow rate, pressure ratings, DO reading etc.
  6. ALERTS ANNUNCIATION: Wapp Monitor enunciate alerts, if any alarming situation is found in the plant operation. It sends an e-mail or SMS to the authorized person.


How It’s Work – Watch This Video ?