Reverse Osmosis with TDS controller

Reverse Osmosis.

It is a water purification technology which uses semi-permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from the drinking water.

In reverse osmosis process, the solvent moves from an area of high solute concentration, through a membrane, to an area of low solute concentration.


What is a TDS Controller?

It is a device which helps in controlling the TDS of water coming out of RO.

The RO process, reduces the hardness of the water by approximately 90%. That means for input of TDS 800, the output will be around 80.

Sometimes RO has itself low TDS value; that doesn’t mean the water is pure. So, to balance the TDS, the TDS controller are used to raise the TDS value of the output water.



The feed water of RO  get split into two parts:

PART 1 – The water goes into the membrane and the RO process. Output will be pure water of low TDS.

PART 2 – the water passes through the UV chamber. The output will be pure water but of the same TDS as of input water.

The output of the RO machine will be  PART1 + PART 2. The mixture is controlled through a valve, connected to PART 2, thus controlling the TDS.


If TDS of water is less than 400, then a TDS can help to give a better taste of water.


Sl No

Process Unit

Brief Purpose


Raw Water  transfer Pump

For Pressurized feed of Raw water

2 Dual Media Filter For Removing the suspended solids & trace organic matter
3 Activated Carbon Filter Removes colour & odour
4 UF System Reduces  total Suspended Particles
5 Micron Cartridge Filter Removes 5 micron impurity from Raw Water
6 Anti Scalant Dosing System To prevent the desalting element from scale deposition.
7 SMBS Dosing System The Chlorinated water may oxidize the membrane and to avoid the same precautionary
8 High Pressure Pump Create Pressure of Water
9 RO Membrane removes Total Dissolved Solids by the principle of Reverse Osmosis
10 UV To Sterilize water/ To kill the bacteria from permeate water.
11 Electric Panel & Instruments Fully automatic controlling



End Water Quality




< 100 ppm.
pH 7.0 +/ – 0.2
Turbidity Nil.
Color Nil.
Hardness <50 PPM


Features of Smart RO + TDS controller
  • Smart RO with TDS controller – The m/c has an extra feature to control the product water TDS to the desired level.
  • It consists of additional UF membranes beside a TDS controller; to provide high quality treated that controls the m/c operation to achieve the desired TDS .
  • Mineral cartridges are provided for retaining essential minerals in permeate water required for good health & immunity.
  • Flow meter has been provided at the outlet of permeate water to measure the quantity of water being treated.
  • Life of cartridge or membrane can be monitored through web monitoring.
  • Web monitoring of the working of RO system along with auto service call feature for calling in case any kind of servicing required.
  • Customized to handle variable TDS levels
  • MOC of structure is SS 304 which will give a long life of RO plant.
  • Water will be completely odorless & free from microorganisms & hardness.
  • Water will be free from harmful constituents such as chlorine, arsenic & fluoride.
  • Production of bottled mineral water
  • Water and wastewater purification
  • In food industry, for concentration food liquors.
  • In hydrogen production, to prevent formation of minerals on the surface of electrodes.