UV / Ozonator / Disinfection Systems

UV Disinfection System

UV Sterilizers utilizes the principal of Ultraviolet Radiations to eliminate or reduce un-acceptable levels of microorganisms in the fluid  treatment. UV radiations are germicidal and when the rinsing fluid is subjected to UV radiations any kind of Bacteria or Virus are killed at a fast rate. Ultraviolet sterilization is a natural, non-chemical, environmentally safe technique, which does not add or subtract anything from the fluid.


Principle of Operation:

The fluid to be treated enters from the lower portion of the Sterilization Chamber and rises through the chamber in an upward circular path. The spiraling movement assures maximum irradiation of the water and prevents particles from blocking the treatment of microorganism. The sterilization chamber contains the ultraviolet light producing tubes.


Construction of UV Sterilizer:

The UV sterilizer consists of two separate units, one is the UV chamber and the other is the control panel mounted on a skid

  • The UV chamber is having the set of UV tubes, which are housed in the Synthetic Quartz tubes so that the water does not touch the tubes but the radiation from the UV can disinfect the required fluid.


  • The Control box contains the Electronic Blast and controls of the UV tubes. 220 Volts AC is connected to the Control box.


  • It is recommended that a pre-filter be installed at the inlet of the UV sterilizer to protect it from any suspended particles in the fluid being treated. The presence of particles may reduce the effectiveness of the U.V. System.
  • UV Sterilizer is to be installed online in horizontal position only. The inlet of the UV System is required to be connected to fluid line to be treated at the left hand side connection and the outlet after treatment is to be connected from the right hand side end of the UV Reactor.
  • At the same time a by-pass line is always recommended across the UV system to ensure ease of repair or replacement of the system during maintenance.
  • A minimum of 18” clearance on both sides is required for the Sterilizer so as to carry maintenance.
  • Install the UV sterilizer indoors in a protected area.



  • High performance  
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent finish


  • UV does not alter taste, odor, colour or pH of the water.
  • UV does not require the addition of chemicals.
  • UV does not impart toxic by-products into the water.
  • UV systems are compact and easy to install.
  • UV systems require very little maintenance.


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