Value Added Services

Water scarcity, increased cost of water , stringent norms imposed by various controlling & regulatory authorities i.e. NGT, MOEF, CPCB, State PCBs etc. are creating pressure on all sectors to find better ways and means to manage water differently & efficiently.

Looking to this emerging need, Wapp has designed & offering complete range of Value Add Services. The overall purpose is to minimize water consumption, Maximize water reuse, minimize pollution, reduce water purchase cost, reduce losses & maintain the facility with best possible use of technology.


Best suited for :-

Customers who want to-

  • make their plants updated using state of the art technologies
  • manage multiple sites remotely ( with the use of IOT based technology)
  • monitor & control water cosumption & cost by regular water accounting,SCADA based controls
  • keep pace with the changing norms of PCBs.
  • adopt futuristic water management tools.


Wapp’s value add packages/Scope:-
  • Automation/Remote monitoring of WTPs/STPs/ETPs
  • Online monitoring of water/waste water parameters-PCB norms
  • Web enabled Cooling tower controller ( CT max)
  • Water Audits
  • Web enabled Water monitor- Wapp water Monitor
  • Water quality assurance package.


Remote Monitoring / Analytic:
Web Monitoring means that any plant’s data can be made accessible securely through the internet, which happens to be the biggest global network. In simple words it means that the Plant details can be viewed over a secure link 24×7, round the globe.  No matter where you are, all you need is a PC/Laptop/Phone/Tablet to monitor your facilities. From highest to lowest level details of plant equipment  can be made available. All acquired data is securely stored in our remote servers. For plants based on evolving technology, web monitoring is particularly helpful as one can do performance analysis of plant on regular basis.