WAPP Water Monitor

WAPP Water Monitor – A Water Manager

Day by day, water availability is becoming critical & unpredictable for almost all Indian cities & this issue is more serious for hospitality customers & business owners as quota sanctioned is decreasing & price of fresh water is increasing. Due to this scarcity, concerned authorities like NGT/PCBs/MOEF are enforcing environmental laws related to water use/Reuse stringently. Also for close monitoring, IOT based systems are promoted under digital India movement.

Need of the hour for all of us is to maximize the use of treated water & reduce the consumption/ purchase of fresh water so that the bad impact of this crises is minimized.

Water Manager

Water use/misuse/reuse should be monitored to check where water can be reused, water use can be reduced .For solving this problem Wapp has developed an innovative product named ‘WATER MANAGER, which is in line with the monitoring norms & provide updated real time information to facility managers about Daily purchase/Daily consumption by various users/Water treated through STP, Water reused for various applications etc. Apart from this all necessary quality parameter for various uses i.e. soft water/RO water/STP effluent /Cooling tower etc.

This is a IOT based (web hosted) tool so multiple sites could be monitored for all above information from ANYWHERE through HMI (at site), through PC/Laptop or even Mobile. Apart from basic screens i.e. Water Accounting & balancing, number of other screens are available – Softener/RO/ STP/ Effluent parameters etc.



Monitoring is the first step towards creating excellence in operation & water manager is the solution

Benefits of Water Manager
  • Monitoring of water purchase -on daily/Monthly basis. (Municipal Connection/Bore well/tanker supply). Helpful for cost analysis & future planning.
  • Everyday data on water Recycle/Reuse (real time data)
  • Water use control (Actual v/s Bench marking)- use is visible & controllable.
  • Quick input to operation staff about optimized running of equipment (pumps/HPNs etc)/Also view of CT blow down qty, Evaporation (desired v/s actual).
  • Quick view of quality parameters /Proactive control possibility.
  • Dashboard Monitoring Visibility To plant engineer @HMI /To facility manager @PC/ To remote location-On PC or Mobile through WEB.
  • Web Power- Simultaneous monitoring of multiple sites -through web hosting
  • Facility for manual data entry (keeping history) for manual tests (which are conducted manually only)
  • Value creation for end users : Continuous monitoring & proactive action of quality parameters –assurance of Hygiene /Sanitation.


Green Image / Corporate Responsibility

      “Sooner or later water accounting & quality parameter sharing with PCB /NGT is expected.”

Basic with Screen 1

Level -all tanks

Intake Quantity-Net water

Water Usages Quantity-Gross water

Water loss-recoverable/non recoverable

Water treated through STP

Critical parameters of quality (continuous monitoring)

Add On Screen 2 STP-detailing
Add On Screen 3 WTP & RO-detailing
Add On Screen 4 CT